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Planet Earth faces an Existential Crisis


 What can we little humans do, we vulnerable little animals who have overrun the planet and now threaten its very life support systems. Can politicians really do anything to get us out of this mess? Let us start at home, with Canada and its various leveIs of government. It’s imperative that any viable political party gets “green” asap or we are doomed. I thought the eponymous Green party should be focused on the environment, not on racial or gender inclusivity, which in the existential situation the planet (and all its passenger species) is now in, is a distraction, politically incorrect though this view may be. We are all in this mess together, never mind who’s at fault and who’s in power. Rich and poor, black or melanin-challenged, human or other, we co-exist on the same planet.

The house is on fire


To protect my own health I’ve actively avoided stress for the past few years, although certain situations (home renovations, moving, anyone?) haven’t always cooperated.  Nevertheless there is a difference between walking along a path and enjoying sunshine, birdsong, glimpses of ocean, burgeoning wildflowers, and shutting out the reality of the world we live in which we have helped to create.  Young Greta Thunberg has shouted out to the world that our home is on fire, if we hope to save anything we must act, and act now.  Even an old grandfather snoozing under the village tree would, I am sure, wake up and run to help save what he could if his or his neighbour’s hut was on fire, or if a flood was about to drown his village.



I am a human being.  My birthright is the Earth.  I have the right to breathe clean air, drink pure water, eat nourishing food.  I have the right to sleep in safe shelter, and live with people who love me and I them.  I have the right to enjoy the gifts of this planet: animals, plants, rain and sunshine, pristine landscapes and beautiful shores.I have the right to see the stars through the transparent lens of our atmosphere, a window open to the wonders of the universe.

How dare anyone take these rights away.