Monthly Archives: May 2015



Seldom do I observe synchronicity in my life. But an odd thing happened this morning. A few days ago I noted that my wedding ring was not on my hand, nor in the place where I keep it when I am not wearing it. After some futile searching and retracing of my steps of the previous day I have concluded that it slipped off my hand, who knows where, and may or may not turn up. I thought about wearing my mother’s ring, although I would have to have it resized, and went looking for it in the place where I always keep it. but it was not there. That was strange, as I never have worn it. But this morning I randomly chose a scarf from my drawer and, when I started to put it on, a golden object clanged to the floor. No, it was not my missing ring, but my mother’s. How it got there I cannot imagine, although somehow it fell from its box unseen, and was therefore temporarily missing. I think I have been told that my own ring is gone forever and I should use this one.