Monthly Archives: January 2018

Light and Shadow


Under the street lamps
my triple shadow
lengthens, fades, disappears.

A puddle of dark
clings to my feet
like the looming shadow
of someone behind.

Gazing upwards
past veils of city  lights
my grateful eyes accept
a gift of ancient photons.

Light has no mass here
else Earth would be fat
with starlight
of four billion years.


Light only glimmers, flickers,
sparkles through chinks
in our drafty universe,
hinting at ineffable glory

somewhere else.





I am a human being.  My birthright is the Earth.  I have the right to breathe clean air, drink pure water, eat nourishing food.  I have the right to sleep in safe shelter, and live with people who love me and I them.  I have the right to enjoy the gifts of this planet: animals, plants, rain and sunshine, pristine landscapes and beautiful shores.I have the right to see the stars through the transparent lens of our atmosphere, a window open to the wonders of the universe.

How dare anyone take these rights away.