The house is on fire


To protect my own health I’ve actively avoided stress for the past few years, although certain situations (home renovations, moving, anyone?) haven’t always cooperated.  Nevertheless there is a difference between walking along a path and enjoying sunshine, birdsong, glimpses of ocean, burgeoning wildflowers, and shutting out the reality of the world we live in which we have helped to create.  Young Greta Thunberg has shouted out to the world that our home is on fire, if we hope to save anything we must act, and act now.  Even an old grandfather snoozing under the village tree would, I am sure, wake up and run to help save what he could if his or his neighbour’s hut was on fire, or if a flood was about to drown his village.

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  1. Very true and very sad. I am marching next month.. but what good does that do.? We must all do our bit. I Send money to groups that work on the environment to offset my airplane travel. Cut our carbon footprints as best we can… Bravo for Greta. thanks for this post. And I apologize for my country and it’s horrible environment hating president and senate. I will work to get rid of him.!!

  2. No consolation in the big picture but the per capita carbon footprint of Canadians is worse (due in large part to our resource extraction and industry).

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