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The fire in Notre Dame Cathedral may be a wake up call to humanity. It’s being pointed out that our natural world is figuratively, in some cases literally, going up in flames as habitat is destroyed, species go extinct, humans pollute and change the entire globe. In smaller ways we willingly destroy our own built heritage, the legacy of a past which is being discarded and stamped out at an alarming rate. We are not even educating our children properly any more; they are losing the heritage which is their birthright, the wisdom accumulated by humans over many millennia.



The human race is a horror.  We slaughter sharks by stripping them of their fins and dumping the rest of their bodies, still alive, to die in the ocean.  We tear apart the body of mother Earth to suck out the last drops of fossil fuels to feed our appetite for electricity and mobility.  We destroy habitat for innumerable species in every part of the planet, from mountains to rivers to forest, grasslands, reefs and the deep ocean.  If we disappeared from the planet tomorrow not a single place would suffer from our absence.  What can any of us do in restitution?  How can we as individuals learn to tread as lightly as possible on this miracle of a planet?