The fire in Notre Dame Cathedral may be a wake up call to humanity. It’s being pointed out that our natural world is figuratively, in some cases literally, going up in flames as habitat is destroyed, species go extinct, humans pollute and change the entire globe. In smaller ways we willingly destroy our own built heritage, the legacy of a past which is being discarded and stamped out at an alarming rate. We are not even educating our children properly any more; they are losing the heritage which is their birthright, the wisdom accumulated by humans over many millennia.

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  1. I hope for the future against heart rendering odds.It’s hard but I believe in tomorrow.Sent from my Bell Samsung device over Canada’s largest network.

  2. I, like Linda, have “hope for the future” and “believe in tomorrow.” At my age, I’m at the point of filtering out as much negativity in my life as I possibly can, which doesn’t mean that I no longer care about these important issues. But I look at the wonder of nature around me, the loving relationships between friends and family and the joy that visits one when—in my case—I least expect it. Yes, the state of the world gets me down, but the stories about the activism of young people today from around the world and here at home has convinced me that their education, though unlike ours, has prepared them even better for the future. Their teachers have a vast source of accumulated wisdom that the best of them, I believe, will pass on.

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