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Flowers part three


The pink flowered shrub which we have in our garden and also grows along the trail is spirea.  Have seen creeping bellflower, touch-me-not, pussy toes, possibly purple loosestrife (another bad plant) although its leaves seem different, various goldenrods, and both yellow and white sweet clover are blooming.  Cattails are forming their large brown seed heads. Last year thoughtless people took away, “harvested”, all the cattail heads.  There is a tall yellow-flowered plant of the Queen Anne’s Lace family and I think it is wild parsnip, which has a reputation for being toxic, burning the skin when touched and leading to photosensitivity, like giant hogweed.  Not going to touch it to find out!  It’s a jungle out there!

Sequel to Tommy Douglas’s story about the mice and the cats


A little political tangent:

Remember Tommy Douglas’s story about the mice who kept electing cats to rule them? They kept switching between black cats and white cats. Until in a little place called Nova Scotia they finally elected mice to govern them. These governing mice were so concerned about re-election that instead of looking after their mice citizens as well as they could have, they began dressing up and pretending to be cats, so that they could be assured of keeping the “cat” vote (remember, this is a land of mice). Finally the mice had to go to the polls again, and by this time they were so confused by the dressed up mice, who were neither mice nor cats, that they returned to what they recognized, and elected cats again.