Autumn Leaves


I was struck the other day by the number of different kinds of maple leaves I saw in all their magnificent fall colours blowing along the roadside.  I picked a few up, I’m a bit of scavenger when it comes to Nature’s prettier droppings, thinking that I would identify them when I got home.  But then I remembered I’ve packed my books, including Trees of Canada.  I must have found six different kinds including Japanese maple which doesn’t really count, and the ubiquitous, prolific, invasive Norway maple.  The others, which I don’t know the names of, the native species, are all different shapes, including one which is just like the one on the Canadian flag so I think it may be sugar maple.

The book of trees is just one of the hundreds I’ve packed in boxes scrounged from the liquor store in preparation for our eventual move.  Already I’ve found it inconvenient, so I suppose that’s a good sign.  My collection of books is a living, useful one.

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  1. Processing the change you’ve begun. Anticipating seeing your old friends. Unpacking them into your new home.The journey can be bumpy but the new home will be so appreciated.LindaSent from my Bell Samsung device over Canada’s largest network.

  2. I much prefer browsing through my gardening books rather than verifying the species or cultivars of plants online, though the latter may be more convenient when one is looking for gardening tips on the care and pruning of trees, shrubs and flowers. I like the image of your collection of books being a living, useful one. I’ve always felt that way about mine, too. You’ll soon experience the joy of unpacking them, like getting together with old friends.

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