The Ides of March


The weather must have been much more like Spring in 2002 when this was written.


Today is one of those days

when you know you will live forever.


The Goddess awakens, thrusting green fingers

through last year’s decay.

Twigs unfold leaves, tiny wings

taking flight

green flames bright with life.

Just beyond reach, birdsong

threads the lambent sky with joy.


The sun rests on the horizon

like a newlaid egg

full, full, full of promises

and no regrets.


   Awakened by the seasalt air

my adamantine soul

imperishable as the universe

warms and grows a little

and I know that I will live forever.

2 responses »

  1. This poem is beautiful and perfect in every way. I loved your use of imagery, and your choice of words (“lambent”, “adamantine”) and placement of them. I’ll have to revisit this page often just so I can read it again… Looking forward to seeing it published elsewhere, too!

  2. Awww, thanks…. Please note I’ve managed to post as I resolved I would, but I don’t seem to be coming up with new thoughts. Maybe when summer comes?

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