Tarot – The Fool


Walking softly through starry halls,

lightly tracing a life alone before the throne of God,

God’s Fool dances, creating worlds, stars and planets, wheeling galaxies, streaking comets,

trailing in his wake a stream of light weaving everything into being.

2 responses »

  1. Beautiful imagery. Since I’m not familiar with the meanings or usage of Tarot cards, I may be guilty of misinterpreting the deeper significance of your poem, but if, as Wikipedia says, the Fool signifies new beginnings and freedom from constraints or inhibitions, then I can see how he would fit into your theme. Are you suggesting that the Fool might have been created for God’s amusement, and that he (the Fool) danced and wove the universe into being because he essentially had no one to play with, and therefore had to use his imagination to entertain himself, or he would die of boredom? (I’m probably way off base here, but it’s definitely fun to think about!)

  2. It was a dream I had. The Fool is one of the Greater Arcana in the Tarot deck, and has the number 0. You are free to interpret this any way you wish! I like what you said.

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